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Jiffy Update: O3S Killed Wednesday, August 9th

O3S Kill

We did it, we did it yeah… we killed Halicarnassus! Jiffy killed O3S around 7:21 pm Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday, August 9th. It kinda feels like it took forever… because we were grinding at the same couple of spots for quite some time… but it’s down! We killed it on our third pull of…

Jiffy Update: O2S Killed Thursday, 7/20

Jiffy killed O2S (Catastrophe) on Thursday, July 20th around 7:19 p.m., about an hour into our raid that night. The pull prior to our clear we managed to hit enrage – primarily due to the number of deaths we had – but our clear was pretty clean: only I died. You can take a look…

Jiffy Update: O1S Killed in One Lockout, Back to O2S Tomorrow

So, on our first raid of Stormblood, inside of one lockout, the Jiffy static of Cactuar killed O1S at around 7:33 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday, July 19th, 2017. We’ve had a roster change since our A12S clear, so I think it was great for morale to charge in with our new healer Surter…

Streaming Omega 1 Savage – 7/18, 6:30 pm Eastern

We’ll be pulling Omega 1 Savage shortly after 6:30 pm Eastern. Watch along as we learn this fight (I know I’m going blind!)

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Why I Hate Party Finder’s Lakshmi Ex Strat

Lakshmi from FFXIV Stormblood

Having gone into Lakshmi Extreme with most of the Jiffy static blind (and still clearing within a lockout), I’m not surprised that what we decided to do and what Party Finder expects is different, but at least one thing that Party Finder does really bothers me as decidedly inferior to what we decided to do…

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