5.2 Raid Tier Recap

So I haven’t really done much updating on Boku no Alexander‘s progress this raid tier (Eden’s Verse, E5S-E8S). This hasn’t really been intentional, but with the pandemico and the extra challenge involved with migrating that for my day job, it’s been hard to also think about this blog.

This tier started out pretty easy with Ramuh, which we cleared the first week – but which occasionally gave us more trouble than we expected in subsequent re-clears. (Possibly because of melee optimization – but I think we’ve got this down now.)

E6S, Ifrit and Garuda also was cleared relatively quickly (~2 weeks later, on March 8th) with a mishmash of a few different strats. We ultimately decided to give up on attempting the soccer and just took the vulns. It’s good to have strong healers.

E7S took us most of the rest of the month, but we cleared on March 27th. I am officially most likely to yeet himself completely off the arena due to small-brain. This one seems to give us the least trouble in reclears despite my directional shortcomings.

It took another month to finally get Shiva. This fight required the most attention. I enjoyed this fight much more than Titan, but several of those mechanics required quite a bit of practice to actually clear.

Update 7/21/2020: This post used to include embeds of the clear videos, but Twitch has changed how embedding works for the third time since this was posted, so I’m done. You’ll need to look up our clears. Thanks a lot, Twitch.

If you, reading this, are working on any of the fights or would like to share strategy resources, please contact me! I’d be happy to help. Otherwise, please enjoy these records of our clears. We expect not to have a lot of change in our party comp before the next raid tier, so unless they nerf SMN into the ground, I’ll probably still be riding with baby bahamut and grampa phoenix again into the next wing of Eden. Better study up:

Fun drawing of my character by Hank (our dancer)

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