Old Backloggery Manifesto

This was my former “About Me” section on my Backloggery profile. I’ve trimmed it up since then, but I’ve saved this for the future. The featured image here was (I think) my first Backloggery header.

Game On!

I’ve been playing video games most of my life, but I’ve never been really good at finishing games. I used to play a lot of games that had no real “end” (Sims and Sim City, Civilization, Warcraft, Deadlock, etc), so I’ve always been just about getting what I want to out of a game. And, of course, it doesn’t help that nowadays as an adult, I have a lot more money to buy video games, and I have a lot less time to spend playing them.

Lately I’ve realized just how much I’ve been missing by not playing these great stories through to their conclusion. I hope Backloggery can help me fix this, even if it means pulling up 10+ year old save files to finish games. 🙂

I also hope to meet people and make connections with other gamers. Please feel free to add me on PSN or WiiU/Miiverse. If you want to add me on 3DS, leave a message with your Friend Code so I can add you back. Let’s get through our game collections together :o)

Play With Me!

If you like seeing pictures and gifs, feel free to follow my Tumblr: http://trdaisuke.moe

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