Summer 2015 Anime Update

I have not been watching nearly as many shows as I had planned to this summer because things have been busier than planned. Without getting into all of the work drama that has consumed my weekdays and the busy summer fun with friends that has kept my weekends packed, suffice it to say that I’m…

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LLSIF Event Pacing Calculator is Now a Google Sheets Template

As the current Score Match event begins, I have an exciting announcement about the LLSIF Event Pacing Calculator: It’s now available as a document template on Google Sheets! This should make it even easier to get started with tracking your daily progress in the quest of a lovely SR Nico Card! [caption id="attachment_222" align="aligncenter" width="500"]…


July Gaming Backlog Update

Another month, another update! Starting this month I’ll post smaller updates in the “About Me” box on my backloggery page, with the intention of writing more here. July killed me a little. Hence the featured image. July both physically and mentally drained me, and also, in-game, literally killed me thousands of times, notably in Hotline…