New Monthly Backlog Progress Scoring System

I feel the need to revisit the rules I set for myself on what to do with gaming for the month. I have been trying to motivate myself by saying, “let’s beat 10 games this month” or whatever, but leaving it so open didn’t really work… then I tried saying “let’s beat these certain games this month”…. but then when it was time to play, I didn’t really want to play those games after all.

New System Goals:

This might sound a little complicated, but I’m going to give it a shot. This new scoring system is attempting to modify my behavior to help me:

  • Beat games I’ve started and left unfinished.
  • Beat longer games. (Previously, everything I had set up incentivizes me to beat many short games that can be beaten within a month.)
  • Complete games. (This has been on the back burner, due to focus on beating games.)
  • Earn more trophies and achievements. (Although I’ve included them in posts, I haven’t ever made that a goal.)
  • Play games I purchase right away, rather than letting them sit.
  • Craft more Steam badges.

trdaisuke’s new scoring system:

Earning points:

Earn 2 points per game beaten.
+1 bonus point if the game was in “started, but unbeaten” state at the start of the month (additional incentive so games don’t linger unbeaten)
+1 bonus point if the game takes longer than 25 hours to beat – for every 25 hours it takes. (ie – a 50+ hour game will earn 2 bonus points) (this is an additional incentive to play longer games, despite the monthly deadline)

Earn 1 point for completing 100% of a game’s achievements/trophies. (PSN/Steam/Google Play/Apple GameCenter/In-game achievements if applicable, etc.)
+1 bonus point for a Platinum trophy. (because I want them to level up on PSN)

1 point for completing a game (separate from and stacks with achievements – will try to go by Backloggery definition)

1 point for crafting a Steam badge (because I want them to level up on Steam)

Losing points:

Subtract 1 point per game purchased.
-1 additional penalty if game was purchased at full retail price.
-1 additional penalty if game has not yet been played by the end of the month. (Meaningful play. Can’t just power it on at 11:59 before the deadline.)
-1 additional penalty if I buy a game while I have yet to beat a previously purchased title in the series (which is a bad habit I must get out of!)

Exceptions & clarifications:

  • The goal of negative points is not necessarily to prevent games from being purchased, but to make me play more if I buy more.
  • Bundles including multiple games will be treated as one game purchase for every $20 the bundle costs. (ie, a $45 bundle will be -3 base with -3 penalties). For penalties, it will be scored as a whole, but I’m thinking the “unplayed” penalty will only be assessed if *not one* game has been played.
  • Free games will **not** count as having been purchased – unless I pay for DLC or in-app purchases.
  • For the time being, Playstation Plus games will not count as purchases. I know they’re not “free”, but even if there weren’t free games, I think I would still pay for Playstation Plus for easy cloud save backup.

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Here’s hoping this helps me get my numbers of beaten games up & unbeaten games down!