Jiffy Update: O3S Killed Wednesday, August 9th

We did it, we did it yeah… we killed Halicarnassus! Jiffy killed O3S around 7:21 pm Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday, August 9th. It kinda feels like it took forever… because we were grinding at the same couple of spots for quite some time… but it’s down! We killed it on our third pull of the night and spent the rest of the week on O4S. So far O4S is making me cry… but with new weapons tomorrow it should be better!

Here’s a recording of our kill:

Just looking this video over again I see a lot of places I could improve my ASTing… ah well, that’s what weekly resets are for!

If you want to see us try it again, I’ll probably stream reset on my Twitch channel.

Although you should probably watch Siryn’s stream instead, she’s more entertaining:

Sorry this video took so long to upload, I’ve been busy and then sick and my pfsense has been acting up…

"I just want to watch stupid videos" "Watch your stream"
seriously i get bulli even when i’m sick

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