Jiffy Update: O4S Down October 5th!

So, we managed to do it before patch! Jiffy (well, most of it – more on that later) killed O4S at around 10:04 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, October 5th.

It was on what had to be our last pull of the night, because our Warrior had to go to work. We had gotten a 2% and a 5% wipe earlier in the evening, but many things went better on our clear than on those two pulls. At least one of the low-percent enrages was only possible due to a well-timed healer limit break, and many of our group were down or damage down for significant periods of the fight on the two wipes.

In our clear, we had only 4 deaths – while not great, still pretty good for a group 5/8 of which had not seen enrage prior to that evening.

We’ve had some roster changes since our 3 clear – Kai, our bard, had to leave us for Air Force basic training (we’ll miss you Kai!!), and Ash, who had been our AST in Creator and then our PLD, moved to BRD and we were joined by Zemarres Morlex, a DRK from Balmung (yup, we’re multiworld now 😮 ) Our WHM has unfortunately been sick this week, so we had a sub – Mr King of Cactuar – for our Wednesday and Thursday progression and eventual clear.

Our drops were the Genji rapier and Maiming chest (we don’t run a dragoon tho 🙁 ). Our leader and ninja, Lady Siryn, won the coffer and got her daggers, and yours truly got the mount!

Oh hey that’s right, since I last posted for our 3 clear I did a fantasia and name change. My character is now Tera Daisho, a Raen Au’Ra.


The full clear video is on Siryn’s channel while the VOD lasts! I wasn’t recording so I don’t have a nice YouTube video to keep forever T_T

I’m so glad we were able to clear before the patch! This is about a week earlier than we cleared Alexander 12S in the Creator tier, where we cleared the first week after the “tock” 3.5 patch. I feel like we’re getting better, since we managed to do that even despite a few roster moves and changes. I’ll be looking forward to next tier, while doing weekly clears from now until then (and hopefully I’ll have time again for posts besides these little progress updates :mrgreen: )

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