Shadowbringers & Other Excuses

So in my February post I set a goal of increasing my PSN trophies. Suffice it to say, that hasn’t happened quite as I hoped. I did clear a few trophies and games in the spring, but after that I got a bit distracted with Pokemon game cleanup and FFXIV’s Shadowbringers expansion in the summer.

Speaking of Shadowbringers, I really enjoyed the expansion and its story overall. I feel like it’s still a little soon to go into any spoilers, so I’ll just vaguely explain.

Earned my tome book already thanks to the tomestone E2S drops.

I took about a week off from work to power through the expansion, and by the time the normal raid was unlocked, I had gotten 3 combat jobs to 80, farmed both extreme primals, and gotten every crafter 2-star ready. I’ve continued with the raid group I joined in 4.4, Boku no Alex, and we have so far cleared the first and second savage fights. We’re making strong progress on the third fight and hope our three hour raid this Friday might get us across the finish line there.

This unfortunately is the busy time for me at work, but with any luck after things cool down in October I’ll have some time to get back at those trophy goals that I set and to enjoy some great games.

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