New Monthly Scoring System

Because of a few things I’ve been kicking around in my head, I’ve decided to implement a new scoring system, starting this month, in December. I’ve created a page detailing the new scoring system, which is maybe a little complicated. On a high level, I’ll just say that it’s designed to help me follow some guiding principles in a more consistent fashion than I could previously, with specific itemized task-type goals that changed from month to month and focused mainly on playing specific games.

This system will reward:

  • Beating games.
  • Beating longer games.
  • Finishing games I’ve started. (without the need to repeat goals)
  • Earning 100% achievements, especially platinum trophies.
  • Completing games. (something I rarely sought out before)
  • Playing new purchases right away.

This system will punish:

  • Buying games. (While still allowing purchases and allowing bundle purchases at lower cost)
  • Buying games to stockpile & play later.
  • Buying games that belong to a series if I have not beaten all previously purchased games in that series.
  • Pre-ordering or otherwise paying full retail price. (I expect I will still purchase niche games I support at full price.)

I’ll get that November Progress page up soon, which won’t use this scale. Expect this system to be used for my December update. I’m excited to have a standard set of rules that will let me be more flexible with what I want to play.

I’ve taken a look at the last few months and how they would have ended up under the new scoring system, and for now, I’m going to set my December goal to 20 points under the new system. So far, I’m at about a -3 – so I’ve got a little work cut out for the holiday break, during which I hope to focus on gaming.

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