Steins;Gate El Psy Kongroo Limited Edition Impressions

The PC Release of Steins;Gate by JAST USA/JList was my game of the year in 2014. So I was pumped when I heard that PQube was bringing Steins;Gate to Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita to the West. While the US release has not yet materialized, I pre-ordered the El Psy Kongroo limited edition from Rice Digital some time ago, and my copy arrived here on Monday!

It’s a beautiful collector’s edition. The box is smaller and slightly different than the JList collector’s edition – more like a typical PS3 Game size.

The art book is nice, including probably every single piece of art (or at least very close) from the game – including backgrounds, characters, and unlockable CGs. It’s like having the whole gallery printed out for you!

The El Psy Kongroo edition included a Metal Upa and two Future Gadget Lab pins in a smaller box. The Metal Upa is surprisingly heavy!

I’ve only played through mid-chapter 2 at this point, but as I expected, the beautiful art looks gorgeous on the OG Vita screen. I hope to follow with a more substantial review of the game. So far I’m noticing only a few type setting issues on the negative side and am very impressed with everything else. Since I completed Steins;Gate to 100% on the PC last year, I should be done pretty soon. I really am enjoying going through this engrossing story once more and am glad I can do so on my beloved Vita-chan.

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