HONK HONK – Jiffy Cleared A12S

At 2:35 a.m. Eastern time on January 24, 2017, just 25 minutes before weekly reset, we finally got it! Jiffy of Cactuar cleared A12S! We did it!

It was a long, long raid night. We started our raid around 8:30 p.m. as usual, but we felt we were getting so close to the clear that we wanted to keep pushing with what time we had left. We had a few issues with disconnects during our progression that night, sometimes our MCH, sometimes our AST, once like half the party (including me), which kind of hampered our progress and made the evening take longer – one pull we had gotten to like 15% before a DC stopped us in our tracks. But despite that, we kept going.

Despite the time and the exhaustion, it was really powerful working together as a team that night. I had total confidence we could beat it, we just needed to get the timing on the 2nd puddles and the placement of the Sacrament blobs a little more together and the clear would be ours. We raid about 7.5 hours each week, and we had been working on A12S for a couple of months, since we beat A11S in November – although the holidays had kind of eaten up some of that time. We knew this fight. At one point during the evening we had a 1% wipe, with a few deaths – with just a little more dps and a little more care, we could get that last 1%.

Jiffy after A12S Clear
This was the first time we took a group photo after clearing this tier ^^;

Our parse is on FFLogs… but at least for me, I’m less concerned with our performance than I am with the fact that we cleared.

The video of our clear is embedded below, and the pull we clear on doesn’t start until about 2:11:00 in the video. (Sorry, maybe I’ll see if he can cut that into its own video):

Watch live video from Khfan91 on

And then, for good measure, when we raided again just 18 hours later for our weekly reset clears – we did it again! And not just any clear, we did it in one shot! (I was really, frankly, very worried that we would have another long night trying to beat it again since we were losing our monk and ninja for the rest of the week due to a planned vacation.)

Let’s see if we can keep it up for our third weekly clear! Honk honk!

Siryn Honk Siryn Honk Siryn Honk Siryn Honk

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