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凛ニャー!/Rin Today Hits 200 Subscribers

I’m shocked, humbled, and somewhat proud to announce that 凛ニャー!/Rin Today has hit 200 subscribers! Rin Today started as a spin-off of my main Tumblr when I was concerned that I was pushing out too much Hoshizora Rin content versus other content. Rin Today began life pushing out Rin content 1x/day – but I’ve been…


This Week: Love Live in Columbus

Love Live, one of my beloved idol series is getting screening its movie in Columbus this week. Of course, I’m coming down for it! The screenings will be at the Gateway Film Center, near the OSU Campus. Showtimes seem to be: Sunday, 9/13, at 2 PM – it seems like this showing is also a…

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LLSIF Event Pacing Calculator is Now a Google Sheets Template

As the current Score Match event begins, I have an exciting announcement about the LLSIF Event Pacing Calculator: It’s now available as a document template on Google Sheets! This should make it even easier to get started with tracking your daily progress in the quest of a lovely SR Nico Card! [caption id="attachment_222" align="aligncenter" width="500"]…