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Streaming Omega 1 Savage – 7/18, 6:30 pm Eastern

We’ll be pulling Omega 1 Savage shortly after 6:30 pm Eastern. Watch along as we learn this fight (I know I’m going blind!)

Watch live video from trdaisuke on www.twitch.tv

Why I Hate Party Finder’s Lakshmi Ex Strat

Lakshmi from FFXIV Stormblood

Having gone into Lakshmi Extreme with most of the Jiffy static blind (and still clearing within a lockout), I’m not surprised that what we decided to do and what Party Finder expects is different, but at least one thing that Party Finder does really bothers me as decidedly inferior to what we decided to do…

Impressions: Week Two of Stormblood

Warning: Potentially spoilers for those who have not completed the main 4.0 quest chain. Quick thoughts on recent FFXIV Online expansion, Stormblood – quick mostly because I can’t stop playing long enough to put anything more extensive together. Initial Early Access Raubahn bottleneck aside, Stormblood has been overall a phenomenal addition to the game and…

Before the Storm: Heavensward Reflections

The new Final Fantasy XIV Online expansion, Stormblood, launches on Tuesday, with early access beginning this Friday, June 16th. Before that, though, I want to take a moment to think back on what Heavensward was to me. When I started the playing FFXIV in January 2016, I was apprehensive about joining an MMO. I already…

Dai’s Muscle Memory Rotation for Orphanage Donations (60 DUR)

Zhloe Aliapoh

Important note: Patch 5.1 completely changed the crafting system. The content and macro before has not been edited to reflect current crafting actions. Its use is no longer recommended. It will not work as it did in 3.5X. FFXIV Patch 3.55a introduced Zhloe Aliapoh and the new Custom Delivery feature for endgame crafters. Although it’s…

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