New Raid Group for 4.4 – Now SUMMONING

So it’s been awhile since my last update. After defeating Exdeath, Jiffy went on a hiatus for the FFXIV 4.2 new raid patch and hasn’t yet resumed raiding as of patch 4.45. I had tried to find a potential new raid group for the O5S – O8S raid tier, but ended up abandoning that idea due to some life changes – including a job change and extended family situation.

By the launch of patch 4.4 in September, my life situation had stabilized, and I had settled into my new job sufficiently, so I was considering searching again for a raid group. And then Mist, one of my in-game friends whom I do deep dungeon with, needed to drop from his raid group, so he, Clovi, and Hank recommended me for the spot.

This raid group, “Boku no Alex”, consists mostly of members of the Touch Fluffy Tail FC of Cactuar and The Tabard Cloud, my former FC. (So now I guess it includes one member of Gold Saucer eh?)

Since Mist was the group’s summoner, and since many of the other raid members already had clear ideas what they wanted to raid on, the caster spot basically fell to me. Although I have been doing a lot of black mage in Stormblood and hadn’t played much summoner since Heavensward, we determined it would be for the best if I raided on Summoner. This new summoner has been a real learning curve, so I started the raid tier with toilet levels of damage – but I’ve been working at it, and my DPS has been increasing. Hopefully with a bit more practice I can continue to improve.

My old character, Yayoi as a Heavensward summoner
The last time I seriously played summoner was way back in Heavensward.

We have already cleared and farmed Chaos & Midgardsormr for a several weeks, and are currently progging Omega – but since we ended our last raid session with a 7% wipe and a 1% enrage, I firmly believe we will clear on Sunday, November 11th.

I’m not currently streaming our raids because I seem to have higher internet latency at my new apartment & don’t want to risk it, but Clovi and Hank do. If you want to check our progress out, you can watch Clovi’s stream here (he raids on AST) or watch Hank’s stream here (raids on MNK).

Current raid schedule:

  • Thursdays, 10pm – midnight eastern
  • Fridays, 10pm – 1am eastern
  • Sundays, 10pm – midnight eastern

Incidentally, Clovi, Hank, Mist, and I are still running Deep Dungeon – we did Palace of the Dead until Heaven-on-High was released. We have since cleared HoH and still challenge it weekly on Mondays at 10pm Eastern. Our comp is still Clovi (PLD), Mist (SMN), Hank (MNK), and me (WHM). Clovi and Hank probably stream this as well if you’re interested in watching.

The victorious party at the top of Heaven on High.
The victorious party at the top of Heaven on High.

That’s it for my update – hopefully I have some good news soon about clearing Omega, and I hope you tune into our raid/Heaven streams if you’re interested in watching!

Update: A previous version of the post incorrectly identified the current patch as 4.5. The writer responsible for the error has been sacked.

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