Time for Colossalcon 2015

Colossalcon 14

I’ve been attending and have enjoyed Colossalcon for the past 5 years or so, but every year it seems to sneak up right on the heels of ACen. That’s no exception this year – I can’t believe it’s time for Colossalcon 14/Colossalcon 2015 (their various PR people keep referring to it as either/or. It’s the 14th iteration, and the year is 2015.)

I <3 Colossalcon

Taking a look at the Colossalcon schedule, and preparing for this year, I’m reminded why I enjoy Colossalcon:
– lots of panel programming over 4 days
– a relaxed schedule, with everything starting on the hour, with many panels going two full hours
– a little bit of everything
– plenty of time for enjoying adult beverages
– large rooms with relatively low chances of being shut out of a panel

It seems like there are some interesting changes for this year:
– a new convention layout, with a much larger dealer’s room
– relocated registration and changed flow


Shonen Knife Colossalcon

The biggest highlights for me going into it seem to be:
Shonen Knife in concert! I’ve been a fan of their music since college.
– at least 3 Love Live/idol-focused panels, one each day!
– meeting up with friends
– enjoying adult beverages


Some things I’m not looking forward to:
– still held the same week as Ohio Biker Apocalypse, so getting in & out on food runs will again be a drag
– there are a few times on the schedule where it seems really light on events – but maybe those will be beverage times.
– due to work commitments, I will probably only be able to attend after 5 pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 🙁 – missing half of the day Friday & Saturday.
– paying full price because I forgot to pre-register orz
– trying to manage playing for Tier 1 or 2 while at an anime convention

See you there!

Anyone else headed to Colossalcon? Hit me up– it would be great to meet you!

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