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One Day at ACen 2015

This can be filed under “better late than never” – because I’ve had a busy few weeks since Anime Central, and no time to put this up.

I had a good time at Anime Central. Unfortunately I was only able to attend Friday, but I still accomplished a lot in just one day. Attended a few nice panels on certain topics, and picked up a hard copy limited edition ef -the fairy tale of the two- from MangaGamer at their booth (because it no longer seems to be listed on their website!).

The real highlights of the day, for me, were hearing from Ryukishi07 of 07th Expansion, and of course, the SCANDAL concert.

Ryukishi07’s Panel

Ryukishi07’s Friday panel was enlightening about how Higurashi was created, but also inspirational – one of the things he discussed at length was how it was beneficial to pull material from his day job to put toward his writing. When I create something, I will try to do likewise.


The SCANDAL Concert

The SCANDAL concert was great. I arrived about 90 minutes before the event & there was a big line.

So I spent some time with Monster Monpiece while waiting… but the line kept growing.

After a little waiting, we were able to make our way from the parking lot into the foyer of the theatre, but because there was (for the most part) no reserved seating, things got a little confusing and lines blended into other lines. When we finally were able to enter the theatre and filled up seats, it seemed to become clear that I didn’t need to do all that waiting in line – there were still many good seats available after everyone entered, although those were around the sides with slightly poorer views. Still, we were able to give SCANDAL a mostly-full house.

The show, the set, the stage designs – everything was great. Wish I could share pictures, but photography was strictly forbidden.

After the concert, I did a few more things, but after Anime Hell was interrupted with a fire alarm and a yuri panel I was looking forward to ended up being really lackluster, I called it a day.

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