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Impressions: Week Two of Stormblood

Warning: Potentially spoilers for those who have not completed the main 4.0 quest chain. Quick thoughts on recent FFXIV Online expansion, Stormblood - quick mostly because I can't stop playing long enough to put anything more extensive together. Initial Early Access Raubahn bottleneck aside, Stormblood has been overall a phenomenal addition to the game and…

Dai’s Muscle Memory Rotation for Orphanage Donations (60 DUR)

Zhloe Aliapoh
FFXIV Patch 3.55a introduced Zhloe Aliapoh and the new Custom Delivery feature for endgame crafters. Although it's late into that patch and many endgame crafters may have developed their own way of tackling the problem of getting the collectability of that item up to the required levels, I still wanted to share my rotation -…

To Make Money on FFXIV’s Market Boards, Think Like an Entrepreneur

Market Board Research
All servers' market boards are different and unique, but the advice I usually give aspiring crafters and gatherers seeking to make a profit is to be entrepreneurial about the process: Find an under-served market, serve it consistently, keep your eye out for more opportunities, and don't be afraid to abandon old markets that have outlived…
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