Efficiently Farming Diva Points on Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f

One of the people on my Backloggery recently asked me about tips on how to farm Diva Points faster on his quest to earn a Platinum trophy on Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f.

Foundations for Success at Project Diva f

  1. Play with headphones.
    I always use headphones for rhythm games – and passive ones, not sound augmenting ones – those could introduce delay.
  2. Use both hands effectively.
    It’s possible to play some parts of Project Diva f with only one hand, but in order to do really well at the game, it’s important to be able to engage both hands effectively in the gameplay. I started trying to play the game hitting most of the notes with my dominant hand, but that quickly became unmanageable as I started increasing in difficulty. A little work retraining myself to use both hands reaped great benefits as I got better and better, even though at first the results weren’t pretty.

Specific Recommendations for Increasing Diva Point Accumulation Efficiency

These aren’t necessarily quick-fix recommendations…. it took me several months and 39 hours of game time to plat the game [I might have gotten it sooner if I hadn’t misinterpreted the Module trophy… I thought that collecting all modules included all accessories too, so I wasted a lot of DP on accessories and a lot of time trying to unlock the Platinum Crown accessory…]

Play on Extreme.

Clearing Cat Food on Extreme nets 11550 Standard, 16500 Great, 23100 Excellent (without any boosts).

Even if you can consistently get Excellent on Hard, that nets only a little more than a Standard clear on Extreme.

Extreme might initially seem incredibly difficult. Getting comfortable on extreme was a challenge. It took me a lot of tries to clear one song on Extreme for the first time. But the next one took fewer tries. And the next one, so on (…until the last two. They’re absurd… those have taken the most tries & I still fail…)

Also, after getting comfortable on Extreme, Hard will seem like cake – getting through Hard songs with challenge items will be much easier then.

Use the Perfectionist item.

Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought Perfectionist was easier than Survival or Mega Survival – because you can earn back stamina. On Survival or Mega Survival, if you make too many mistakes, you’re done.

Clearing Cat Food on Extreme with Perfectionist gets you 92400 DP:
Clearing Cat Food on Excellent with Perfectionist
…and it can be done with only 71% Cool.

Excellent of Nostalogic on Hard: 61,600 DP, 64.8% Cool.
Nostalogic - Cleared on Excellent with Perfectionist

You don’t actually have to be perfect – as long as you avoid streaking below cool too long.

And even if you fail with Perfectionist – you can earn back 660 DP of the 1000 DP investment, so it’s not that much DP lost – and you’ll do better the next time you try with Perfectionist.
Even failing with Perfectionist nets a 660 DP consolation prize

My last recommendation would be:

Practice, but pace yourself

I generally do the same song several times in a row, and usually do better each time. Once I feel myself hitting a wall, though, I move on to another song or take a break. It took me nearly a year to plat the game for a reason – I often played just a little each night along the way.

Hope these tips can help you farm Diva Points more effectively!

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